Why You Should Treat Yourself with a Retro Console?

Older readers will agree with me that playing video games with that huge plastic consoles were pretty charming wasn’t it? Isn’t it nostalgic when you think about cassettes, diskettes and big cartridges? It certainly reminds me of my careless childhood.

I am, of course, not forgetting younger readers who probably haven’t been born in that time I’m talking about. If you are passionate about gaming, you definitely should try playing with a retro console. Why? Well, for starters, it is always good to learn about how things were before. Also, you will have tremendous fun. Plus, you will learn that new releases are not so unique and special. All new things are actually just upgrading the old ones and borrowing its ideas.

If you are willing to try something old as new, or you just want to walk down the memory lane, keep reading about my favorites.

Sega Mega Drive, 1988

US and Europe were crazy about the Sega Mega Drive in the late ‘80s and ‘90s. It was the first major 16bit console and very ahead of the time. It was such a pleasure playing the strolling action games on Sega Mega Drive.

Super Nintendo Entertainment System, 1990

After the iconic Sega Mega Drive, came the legendary Super Nintendo Entertainment System. Who can forget some of the greatest game franchises like Final Fantasy that the system saw?

Sony PlayStation, 1994

I present you its Majesty – Sony PlayStation, the original 32bit console. This console was the big entry on the market and beginning of domination of Sony. It was absolutely magnificent. You cannot call yourself a gamer if you haven’t tried PlayStation one – some of its several iterations.

Know these things before buying

If you decided to buy one the retro babies, you will probably need some of the following accessories: right cables and a CRT monitor (it will look better on an old TV than on flat screen).

Almost all retro consoles can be found on eBay but you should also search locally first, to avoid pricy postage.

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