Pode Review

Developer: Henchman & Goon
Publisher: Henchman & Goon
Release Date: June 21, 2018

There is some good news for puzzle game lovers. New exciting game comes from Norwegian indie developer Henchman & Goon. Not just they developed a nice and lovely video game, it also comes with a great music. The wonderful soundtrack is composed by Austin Wintory and it adds a very special flavour to this 3D puzzle journey.

The story

Henchman & Goon brings us an interesting and beautiful puzzle game story. Pode is about a fallen star named Glo and a little rock named Bulder, his friend. Glo’s desperate wish is to go back home – into the sky. Two friends, adventurers, make their mission to get Glo back into the sky. A plan is to climb up Mount Fjellheim and reach the sky from there. But nothing comes easy so Glo and Bulder need to solve various puzzles to overcome the obstacles and to progress up the mountain’s passages.

There are different stages and every stage usually has six puzzles (more than 30 puzzles all together). The great part is that our buddies star and rock must exploit their different skills to overcome each puzzle. It’s a good thing to learn how to combine their abilities to find the best way to move to the next room. Their different abilities are the following:

Glo – the bright star teleports to a previous spot, summons flora, lights up darkness, walk on water, skims and jumps higher than Bulder.

Bulder – walk around under any water and thanks to his strength (well, he is a rock after all) he can press down floor switches and also transports Glo and other rocks.

Couch cooperative mode

Pode has another great option. You can choose whether you want to play alone or in a couch cooperative mode. All you need is another controller and an enthusiastic & puzzle game lover friend. You can choose being Glo the Star or Bulder the Rock. Playing in pair is certainly much more fun and joy. Also, it helps you speed up using combination of Glo’s and Bulder’s powers.


The sixth puzzle will make you wonder about solution and doing some brain exercises. It is a completely new challenge. Those puzzles are not connected to the previous ones so solving them will require a little bit of imagination. That’s another good reason for playing the game with a friend. His or her help would make a great deal to you in this stage of helping the Rock and Star climb up Mt. Fjellheim.


I definitely recommend this peaceful and lovely game. You can try it alone if you prefer playing by yourself, but it is way more fun if you play it with a friend. After all, Pode is a game about friendship, adventure and altruistic feelings so it would be nice to share this lovely experience with someone.


+ Great soundtrack
+ More than 30 puzzles
+ Combining Glo’s and Bulder’s different abilities to figure out the solution
+ Fun playing with a friend


– Some puzzles may frustrate you without a proper guideline

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