Love Review

Anyone who even once played a platformer knows how fun that is. Well, LOVE is a beautifully designed platformer made to bring more joy in our everyday life.

„I hope that this simple game has brought you a smile, given you a challenge, and provided you a distraction from whatever you needed to be distracted from.” This is from About section in the game. It explains the game completely.

If you love platformers and minimalistic design, LOVE is the right game for you.

Simple Moves – jump and place checkpoints

There is nothing more than basic moves such as – moving left and right, jumping, and placing checkpoints. That’s all people. Surprisingly (or maybe not) those simple moves are more than enough for a good game and moments of great fun.

You can place checkpoints whenever you like. It may be after every time you jump and how many times you want it. Or you can choose to use it only sometimes. It’s totally up to you. That is one of the greatest things about this brilliant game. If you die, it will be only your fault. You’ll lose thanks to your misjudgment or bad playing. This game will teach you to make better decisions.

Small Flaws

Nobody’s perfect. Even cute little games like LOVE have some flaws. Well, that is harsh. To better put that – there are things that may annoy you during the game. One of those things is the following. There is a level with platforms that move with you, but you can place checkpoints when standing on them. If you die, the platforms reset to their initial position. That leaves you to a place where you can just die again and repeat that without any chance for surviving. The only thing you can do is to restart. A bad thing with restart option is that it puts you entirely back, in the beginning of the game.


+ Accessible gameplay
+ Beautiful design
+ Addictive electronic soundtrack


– Less important flaws occasionally present in the game

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