Eastshade Review

You will fall in love with Easthade first minute you start playing it. This is one of the most beautiful games I have played in recent time. Not just recent time, I will say recent years! It’s a first-person adventure set in a delightful enviorement.

The Story

You play as an artist shipwrecked in Eastshade near the small village of Lyndor. Your mother recently died and you come to an idea to visit all her favorite places in Easthade. As you are an artist, after visiting all those places, you paint them for the memory of your mother.

All kinds of people can be met in Easthade. For instance, you will be helping a young girl, promising artist, to find art supplies. Most of them are friendly and lovely. You’ll have wonderful time chatting with them. Once they discover your artistic talents, your hands will be full of work. You must paint them anything they want. It’s such a lovely little community.

As you progress in the game, it’s getting more interesting. Further in the game, you’ll learn about an option to register with other local artists. Soon as you register, you’ll get a chance to earn glowstones, the local currency. For every painting you make, you’ll get a fair amount of glowstones. After booking a gig, you’ll get a theme for what needs to be painted. That’s where the adventure begins. Some themes are easy and some require a lot of thinking what is it and where can you find it.

Unfortunately, money (glowstones) doesn’t grow on trees. You have to earn it and be careful how you’re spending it. You need to save a little, because there are some essential things you need to buy in order to explore nature and all beautiful sights more. For example, you’ll have to buy a new jacket for cold weather.

Stop and Smell the Roses

Some may think Easthade is slow and not very interesting. I will agree that it is slow, but not a chance that this game is boring. It’s like you’re walking through an art piece and creating it at the same time. Easthade is peaceful. It teaches you to stop and look around yourself. It teaches us to find beauty and meaning of life in every cloud, every stream, every tree, and the simplest smile and hello.

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