Dead or Alive 6 Review

Developer: Team Ninja
Platforms: Playstation 4, Xbox One, PC
Type of Game: 3D fighting game
Release date: March 1

Some of you may remember the Dead or Alive beginings in 1996. The newest part of franchise, the sixth part, still makes DOA a great fighting game. Team Ninja has improved the game with some greate new characters and made small changes.


Dead or Alive 6 brings us some changes regarding characters. The 24 character roster is refreshed. Team Ninja introduced two new interesting characters. Those are evil blue-haired scientist Nico and Mexican-American fighter Diego. What’s great about Dead or Alive 6 is that its characters are not just action figures. They all feel like real human beings. You can learn about their stories and sympathize with them. Also, while fighting, they sweat, get dirty, their clothes get ripped off. We can see character’s bruises and blood. This really adds up to the game’s attractiveness and it may bring some new fans who haven’t been satisfied with only good fight.

DOA Quest

There is an interesting new mode called DOA Quest. It offers a simple way to unlock new gear. If something is bothering you in the game, you can easily find the answers via DOA Quest, just by pressing the button for tutorial. This is a great way for help if you are stuck with something.

A Good Fight

Dead or Alive has always been a solid fighting game. It still is. Its combat system offers complexity to old fans and also makes new fans feel welcomed. One of the best things about this game is that all runs pretty smoothly. It doesn’t require too much time and playing to reach a high level of play. Hold button is the key.

Sexualised Aesthetic

One of the trademarks of Dead or Alive series are young and sexy female fighters.

Series creator Tomonobu Itagaki introduced sexy and much revealing costumes for female character. After him leaving Team Ninja, developers tried to make the game less sexual (at least by reducing a breast size of fighters) but it didn’t go well with the fans. Dead or Alive 6 slightly changed this oversexualised aesthetic which the game has been famous for. But Team Ninja hasn’t totally eliminated all.

This is still present in the game. Female fighters’ clothes is more apropriate and modest (except Christie, she’s kinda stuck in time) but there is an option to download more revealing outfits. Also, fighters’ breasts (females’ of course) are still bouncing when they make a move. This is probably interesting if you are preteen or teen but older gamers will probably frustrated by it. You can turn this off luckily, but it is still pretty iritating.

The Verdict

As stated above, Dead or Alive 6 is a solid 3D fighting game. You will enjoy its combat, easy flowing fights and good back stories of variety of characters. Although reduced, all present sexualised atmosphere is still present and it may be a downturn.

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