Bonbon Blast Review

Bonbon Blast Game Review!

Are you sitting at home, comfortably placed on your couch and looking for some new game to entertain you and fulfill your free time? You are lucky to be on our site because we offer you one of the best suggestions, and this is a game called Bonbon Blast. Here we will tell you all the important information about this game through perfectly and concisely written game review. We’ve included all the important things, so let’s get to the concrete things that you care about and are interested in.

Bonbon Blast gameplay

This one called Bonbon Blast is such an amazing match-3 game for everybody, does not matter how old you are (kids and adults, all of you can play it and have fun) ! Enjoy your own relaxing journey of love and gourmet food with smart “Chris Cat”, wise “Rubby Rabbit” and so trustworthy “Bob Bar”! Six cute Candy Elfin will also help you in terms of defeating the big bad “Wacky Wolf” who is your biggest enemy out there! Trust me, this is the best game for stress relief. Do you feel stressed, sad, bored, angry or the like? Time to end this because you will love Bonbon Blast so, so much!

The important fact about this game: it’s completely free! You can find it in a Google Play Store or App Store, Android/iOS, does not matter at all which device you have, it works pretty fine on both systems and is 100% free for both, of course. People really think that this game is great, statistics from both stores showed us their ratings, they gave it 4.6 stars. That is the result that should make its creators proud of it!

Check out this video titled ‘Bonbon Blast – Level 1 – 10 Android Gameplay HD’ so you can have your very first impressions:

Watch it with full attention!


Very easy to play, but still takes skills if your desire is to master it and be on the highest level! It has so, so beautiful, colorful, adorable & lovely graphics. Lively & lovely characters – they will become your new best friends! Over 10 modes available. Enjoy donuts, cherry chocolates, stars, lotuses and a lot more interesting elements! Get fantastic rewards playing challenges in the various events. Fantastic events waiting for you all the time. Indulge yourself with generous rewards.

This was our Bonbon Blast game review and we hope that you liked it and that the game review was useful & helpful to you all. We will keep on providing you with the best information & the latest at the same time, in the time that is just perfectly right. Expect to see a huge number of the latest games and their reviews in the following period. Also, there will be the latest updates info about all the games that we do game reviews about all the time, count on it 100%. To keep yourself informed about the latest news from gaming & tech world – stay tuned – stay with us!


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